What Kermony Capital can do for you

Unlisted assets will continue to grow as they better meet the needs of the economy by making it possible to finance high-growth companies that do not have access to public markets.

Although the financing of the local economy is a major focus for all of us, we also believe that it is also wise to take advantage of a global approach to your investments …


For the investment managers

We offer capital raising and client relationship services to selected investment managers to help them in the presentation of their inves...


For the institutional and professional investors

Kermony Capital aims to select amongst the best players in the market the solutions the most appropriate solutions for the institutional ...

Our services

Because the dispersion of performance between the good and the less good managers is much wider on unlisted than listed assets, accessing the best skills in the unlisted is essential. Making the link between these experts and investors to offer diversified, robust and efficient portfolios is our objective.


Michael SFEZ launched Kermony Capital in december 2019 after 20 years in the asset management industry.

Before, he founded and managed as CEO the asset management firm Russell Investments France, subsidiary of Russell Investments, the global leader of multi asset multi manager investments.


Our code of conduct

As a member of the National Chamber of Wealth Management Consultants, Kermony Capital complies with the Code of ethics and good conduct for members of the CNCGP.

Our partners

Experienced partners trust us to participate in the deployment of their solutions to institutional and professional investors.

Pantheon Ventures

Founded in London in 1982, Pantheon has more than 35+ years of experience in investing in private assets. Pantheon has developped a strong track record of with more than 2 000 funds investing, 450 seats in advisory committees which allow to get access to proprietary deals very difficult to access. Pantheon...

Entrepreneur Invest

Founded in 2000 by some successful entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Invest aims to provide its network and experience to other entrepreneurs and helps in financing the growth of small and mid cap firms. Today, Entrepreneur Invest is positioning itself as one of the leaders in private equity investments with ...